Pork Prices

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Slaughtering Fee
   Side Whole
   $11.00 $22.00
Hog Slaughtering Only
  Split (Cut in half) Whole
   $52.00 $48.00
Hog Curing $44.50 each  
Processing Fee
  $0.48/lb Hanging Weight
  $0.53/lb Double Wrapping or 1 per package
Special Cuts  
  $4.10/half hog
  Pork Cutlets  $7.00/half hog
  Boneless and Sliced Ham $8.50 each
Smoking Custom Customer Supplied Meat
  $0.79/lb $1.35/lb
  Seasoned Sausage $0.69/lb
  Italian Sausage $0.69/lb
  Breakfast Links $1.39/lb
  Country Style Sausage $1.43/lb
  Wieners $1.84/lb
  Fresh Brats $1.19/lb
  Smoked Brats $1.46/lb
  Wild Rice Brats $1.61/lb
  Pineapple Brats $2.04/lb
  Jalepeno/Cheddar Brats $3.06/lb
Pick-up Costs (40 mi radius) $52.00 round-trip
Prices Updated 4/5/17

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