Rewards club


Dennison Meat Locker is proud to present our Buy More Save More Rewards Program. It is designed to help people save money on all their meat buying needs.

With this program we give you 1 point for every dollar you spend. You can use your points on future sales. For example, if you make a purchase today, you will bank those points now and you can use them at a later date. This means that you are getting a 4% discount on every purchase! The more you buy, the more you save!

The way the program works is you sign up for the program while you are in the store. We will give you a Buy More Save More card that you carry in your purse or wallet. Everytime you come to the store you must present the card to either get points for a purchase or to redeem the points you have banked. You must have your card with you to participate in the program.

We will also ask you, at the time of sign-up, if you would be interested in a texting program that we may start in the future. If you agree, this program will send a limited number of specials to you (no more than one text per week). These specials will not be posted or advertised. You will only get these great special deals if you are part of this texting group.

Just think, we are giving you the opportunity to get a special and points for the purchase as well! You can really start racking up the savings with both of these programs.

So, please hurry down and get enrolled in the Buy More Save More program today!